About Toastmasters

Toastmasters International is a non profit educational organization with over 85 years of tradition. The main purpose is to improve communication, public speaking and leadership skills of its members.

How it works?

The Organization is more than 90 years old, spread worldwide and consists of over 345,000 members in 15,900 clubs in over 142 countries. The local clubs meet on a regular basis for members to practice various skills useful in public speaking, including giving speeches, speaking extemporaneously, listening as well as providing each other with feedback and evaluation.

The program

The Toastmasters program is not a college, trade school or other formal course in public speaking. There are no instructors, professors nor classrooms. No one’s work is graded and no tests are administered. In Toastmasters members learn by studying the manuals, practicing and helping one another.

Club meetings are workshops where you study and practice communication and leadership skills with others who are there for the same reason.

Everybody learns by doing and by watching fellow club members.

Toastmasters Manuals

The Competent Communicator manual consists of 10 projects designed to develop speaking skills and improve self-controlling during speech. Each project is based on preparing a 5-7 minute speech which is evaluated and grammatically checked. Step by step you improve your ability of using proper words, controlling voice and body language, disposing of stress and using multimedia aids. Presenting speech to other members during the meeting is a perfect ice breaker for long-time speeches in real-life situations. People listening may personally evaluate the speech and compare it with impressions of others, picking out strong and weak points of presentation.

Can’t believe it works?

Come to our meeting and check it out :)