Meeting Summary #199 – Obsessions

Meeting Summary #199 – Obsessions

Hi Leaders and Public Speakers,

Here’s the summary of this week’s amazing meeting at Krakow’s public library WBP w Krakowie. We had a full house, with 1 prepared speech and many fun moments :)

The word of the day was “morbid“, which means characterized by an abnormal and unhealthy interest in disturbing and unpleasant subjects, especially death and disease.

Alicja was the Toastmaster of our meeting and after the introduction called our TTM on stage, Salvo, who presented the warm-up question: “What are you obsessed with?”. Everyone was able to answer the question and introduce themselves in 30 seconds.

Then we started the prepared speeches section with the first and only speaker of the evening – Elena – delivering her speech called “A Tragedy“, evaluated by Gabor, whose main goal was to poke good-natured fun at Donald Trump. The speech was from the “Special Occasion Speeches” manual, project #3 – The Roast.


The Table Topic Session followed, with 4 brave contestants taking part in it, and Salvo leading the session. The questions were about dealing with different kinds of obsessions (either the speaker being obsessed with something, or dealing with someone who is obsessed about the speaker). The winner of this Table Topic Session was Ricardo.

Finally, Wojtek presented the timer report, Justyna gave us grammar suggestions, Andrzej informed us of all the unnecessary sounds we made during the last hour and Ricardo evaluated the whole meeting.

You can find the pictures of the meeting below and some videos will soon be available in our Facebook page:, so please make sure you Like it :)


Next week’s meeting is already under planning and we have already 3 speeches confirmed!

We are needing Speech Evaluators and more leaders to fill in the leadership roles. You can check all the roles available for next meeting here. Please sign-up early, so you have a chance to complete your CL projects!

And as always, see you next week!
Krakow English Public Speaking Club

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